We manufacture high quality Copper Cut Wire Shot as per VDFI 8001. Copper shot is mainly applied to surface polishing, peening, and color processing of valve, electric fittings, ornaments and other work pieces.


  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Good abrasion - improves work efficiency
  • Highly durable - reduces manufacturing time and cost
  • Stable peening effect because of uniform hardness and particles
Other than below mentioned specifications Suntec Cut Wire Shot is available in other sizes and grades as per customer's requirement.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Composition Cu 99.0%
  Other 1.0%
Hardness 180-205 HV.
Density 8.60 g./cc.
Size 2.50 mm
  3.00 mm
We can customize these cut wire shot on the basis of size and design as per the requirement of our clients.