Cut Wire Shot is an abrasive media used for shot blasting and shot peening processes. It is available in ferrous metals like Steel, Copper and Non-ferrous metal alloys such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and Brass. Cut Wire Shot to be used depends upon its use, application process and nature of material to be shot blasted or peened.

Suntec Cut Wire Shot are available in As-cut(cylindrical with sharp edges) or in Conditioned(rounded, spherical) form

Suntec Cut Wire Shot are manufactured in accordance with the following industry specifications:

VDFI 8001 DIN 8201-4 AMS 2431/3 AMS 2431/4 AMS 2431/8 SAE J441
Shapes As-cut Normal (G1) Special (G3)
Description Cylindrical with Sharp Edges Corners Prerounded Spherical
Specification SAE J441 SAE J441 VDFI 8001 AMS 2431/3
MS 2431/4 AMS 2431/8

Benefits of using Suntec Cut Wire Shot:

  • By using Cut Wire Shot in good equipment, savings in production costs may be realized without expenditures for new equipment or alteration of present installation.
  • Highest Durability - Due to its wrought internal structure with almost no internal defects (cracks, porosity, shrinkage, etc.) the durability of Premier Cut Wire Shot can be many times than that of other commonly used peening media.
  • Highest consistency in particle size, shape, hardness and density compared to commonly used metallic media.
  • Very Low dust generation levels as compared to other media used for shot blasting.
  • Cut Wire Shot media tends to wear down and become smaller in size rather than fracture into sharp-edge broken particles which may cause damage to the surface of the part being peened.
  • Cut Wire Shot doesn’t have an Iron Oxide coating or leave Iron Oxide residue - parts are cleaner and brighter.
  • Parts exhibit higher and more consistent life than those peened with equivalent size and hardness cast steel shot.
  • Cost Savings - The increase in useful life of Suntec Cut Wire Shot results in savings in media consumption and reclamation, dust removal and containment, surface contamination and equipment maintenance.

Size Comparison Chart

Equivalent Cast Steel
Shot Size
Cut Wire Shot Size
(mm)  |   (inch)
S-70 0.30   |   .012"
S-110 0.40   |   .014"
S-170 0.45   |   .017"
S-190 0.60   |   .023"
S-230 0.70   |   .028"
S-280 0.80   |   .032"
S-330 0.90   |   .035"
S-330 1.00   |   .041"
S-390 1.20   |   .047"
S-460 1.40   |   .054"
S-550 1.60   |   .062"
S-660 2.00   |   .080"
S-780 2.25   |   .090"
S-1110 3.20   |   .125"