Cut-wire shot is a natural for shot peening because the peening process requires a round & whole bodied shot that resists rapid change in size and weight so it delivers constant intensity. This quality is assured in cut-wire shot because the wire from which it has been produced is heat treated and cold drawn to achieve hardness and homogeneity. This, together with the balanced chemical properties and complete solidity of every piece, insure that cut-wire shot will not fracture in use. It wears down gradually and lives for many cycles in a peening operation.

Cut-wire shot maintains its peening intensity longer than other types of shot and thus reduces cost. Tests have shown cut-wire-peened parts have a greater fatigue life than the same part peened with cast shot. This demonstrates that media uniformity is extremely critical for peening. 

For a Shot Peening application, Cut Wire Shot is used to induce compressive stresses on the surface of the part to improve:

  • Increase Fatigue Life
  • Prevent Fretting
  • Increase Part Strength