We manufacture Zinc Cut Wire Shot (Zinc Shot) as per VDFI 8001 suitable for use in deburring, deflashing, and general cleaning of light metal castings and other non-ferrous products. Our products reduce wear and tear on blast equipment compared to most other metallic abrasives and creates less dust.

Zinc Cut Wire Shot will not damage soft-alloy cast parts and in most cases, parts need no other cleaning prior to a plating process. A thin film of zinc deposited onto cast parts which will temporarily protect parts from corrosion.

Other than below mentioned specifications Suntec Cut Wire Shot is available in other sizes and grades as per customer's requirement.

Physical Properties

Shape Cylindrical
Chemical Composition Zn 99.9% min.       Pb 0.005% max.       Cd 0.005% max.
  Fe 0.005% max.       Sn 0.001% max.       Pb + Cd 0.006% max.
Hardness 36-51 HV0.2
Sizes 0.60mm | 0.023”       0.70mm | 0.028”       0.80mm | 0.032”
0.90mm | 0.035”       1.00mm | 0.042”       1.20mm | 0.047”
1.40mm | 0.054”       1.60mm | 0.062”       2.00mm | 0.080”
We can produce these shot with many diameters, and we can also produce according to customer's requirement.